フェリペ ガハルド

研究開発部 R&Dグループ 2018年入社

Why did you decide to join Allm?


I decided to join Allm because working in the healthcare area is very rewarding and it’s a privilege to be able to help people’s lives.

The orientation towards medical technology innovation fascinated me, along with the unique work culture which supports all employees in their personal growth and skill development was key for me to join.

When I got the offer from the company, my current manager told me how Allm was like a big family because the team is united. The company itself is very flexible and the working environment is always good with a very friendly atmosphere.

As a software engineer and on a personal level, all that I read about Allm and saw in the company, the environment, the culture, and the work atmosphere, has made me want to join and be a part of Allm and to contribute to the future of the company.

私がアルムに入社を決めたのは、ヘルスケア分野で働くことは非常にやりがいがあり、人々の生活を助けることができると考えたからです。 アルムが医療技術の革新を目指す姿勢に惹かれたのに加え、全社員の自己成長とスキルアップをサポートするユニークな職場環境も入社の決め手となりました。

Please tell us about your current job role.


I’m working as a Team Lead for the backend team of Join. I help the manager to distribute tasks among backend engineers and I also work in the problem solving, design, implementation and release of Join new features and patches.


What kind of person would be a good fit for Allm?


Someone who likes to work with people from different backgrounds.

Even though Allm has mostly Japanese employees, there are also a lot of foreign coworkers, at least one coming from each continent.


What do you like about Allm?


Allm is a top notch company in the medtech field in Japan. It provides such great services for hospitals and people. I really like the diversity inside the company. That shows how focused they are in reaching all the world and not only Japan.

I have already worked in Chile, Spain and remotely for a US company and when I arrived in Japan I thought working here was going to be tough but in Allm I realized that working in Japan is not like it is shown outside (tons of overwork). Of course we work hard, but we also work smart.

Allm has a very good working environment and a friendly atmosphere. Everyone is willing to help if needed. It also counts on great professionals always willing to help you grow and improve. I also like the events we have from time to time and the yearly company trip.

I think Allm really cares about its employees and I feel really grateful working here.